Q: What is Slide Magician?

A: Slide Magician is an online visual catalog service for users of VideoMakerFX and Explaindio animated video maker software.

Q: What does the Slide Magician service offer?

A: Slide magician offers a convenient and fast method of finding the right slide, background or add-in element for a task.
It is wonderful that so many animated slide packs come bundled with the VideoMakerFX and Explaindio software products.
The monthly subscription service offered by these same vendors adds to availability month by month.
Then there are third party producers of additional assets (for example Eyeland Slides and My Hero Design) further adding to availability.

This abundance of assets for video production provides great variety.
However, the challenge is quickly finding what you need in a sea of assets.
For instance video backgrounds quickly accumulate yet have no meaningful naming convention for the files.
So it is practically impossible to know what is contained in the mass of Video Backgrounds that a user may have on hand.
Slide Magician cures this dilemma by providing a multi-view visual catalog for convenient viewing.
Added to each visual catalog is a "search by content" tag capability.
This makes finding and selecting suitable assets practical and time efficient.

Filtering of visual catalogs by attribute allows catalog items with specific capabilities to be quickly found.
For instance filtering the slide catalog by a number of Video or Image areas supported will yield just those Slides meeting a specific requirement.
Then using Content tags to further filter refines the catalog selection for easy visual review and selection.

Q: What do you mean by "visual catalog"?

A: Animated and static items are presented in Slide Magician in a convenient multi-item view.
There is pagination for easy navigation through multiple pages of views.
Each animated item plays through its full sequence and repeats so you can quickly see the content.
Hovering your mouse cursor over an item's image will visually highlight that item and fade the others on display to remove any distraction.
At the same time the selected item "features" or "properties" will display in an information panel.
For Animated Slides Features are the number of Text(T), Outline(O), Image(I), Video(V) areas that the slide supports and the Duration(D).
For Video Backgrounds Properties shown are Height(H), Width(W) and Duration(D)
In addition the Numeric(N) index of the Animation or Video within its original set are shown.

Q: Why should I use Slide Magician?

A: The speed and ease of Slide Magician makes short work of what is otherwise a tedious task of finding the right slide, add-in element or background video for a project.
Loading and viewing slides using the animation software itself as a means of finding slides is a very time intensive manual process.
Similarly watching hundreds of Video Backgrounds to find the content you need is tedious at best
It is so frustrating that you are likely to stop short of finding what you really need.
By enabling rapid finding and viewing of video production assets Slide Magician removes costly time wasting from the video production process.
And with viewing being so easy the full value of your entire slide and video background library is there to be seen and used.

Q: How does Slide Magician make finding slides or video backgrounds easy and fast?

A: Slide Magician makes quick work of finding slides or video backgrounds.

1. The first great time saver is showing multiple itemsin a single on-screen view (multi-slide view).
This alone is a huge time saver.
You can see slides or videos running their full animation in a group together and page through the groups quickly with easy (one click) navigation.

2. The next huge time saver is being able to find slides or videos by their content.
Content tags (tag words) describe the actions, topic or objects in a slide or video.
To find by content simply check one or more of the available tags in the Slide Magician search page and then click the search button.
The items having the checked tag word(s) will be displayed through the same easy to use multi-slide view.

3. And Slide Magician also provides for finding by set/pack name keyword or phrase as another time saver.
This allows you to find and view items belonging to particular sets or themes by name.
Browsing a theme or set using multi-item view is a breeze compared to using the Animation software or Video player as a viewer.

See more on searching by tag and keyword or phrase in this FAQ.

Q: What systems does Slide Magician run on?

A: Slide Magician is a web based service and designed to be used in a browser on Windows or Mac desktop and laptop machines.
A modern browser with JavaScript enabled is required.

Q: Do you provide a money back guarantee?

A: Slide Magician operates on a monthly fee basis and you may cancel at any time.
If you cancel your Slide Magician service and are in a paid period, then your access will continue until the end of the paid period.
At that time your subscription and access will cease.
If you are in a free trial period any pending payment will be cancelled and your service access access to the service will cease at the end of the free trial period.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription and Paypal recurring payment?

A: You can cancel your Slide Magician subscription directly in the account management area by clicking here after logging into your account.
If you have an active paid subscription your Slide Magician subscription and access will cease at the end of the current billing cycle.
If you are in a free trial period the upcoming billing start will be cancelled.
Your access to the service will cease at the end of the free trial period.

To verify that a recurring Paypal payment has been cancelled you may review your Paypal account.
Full instructions are available online from Paypal regarding subscriptions.
The following is from the Paypal AU site but applies equally to other locations.
See How do I cancel a subscription, recurring payment or automatic billing agreement?

Q: Is the payment system on your site secure?

A: All payments are processed by Paypal using their secure Credit Card and Paypal checkout system.
The Slide Magician system does not process any payments on site.

Q: How do I contact support?

A: Please email support@slidemagician.com with support matters.

Q: How frequently is the slide content updated/added?

A: The slide library is updated monthly and ties into the release schedules of the content providers.
Note that search tags are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.
This is done to improve the search experience on both new and existing content.

Q: What is an "animation asset"?

A: An animation asset is simply a technical term for an animated slide.
These are the slides that you add to projects with pre-defined characters, kinetic text, etc.

Q: How do I know which Slide Pack or Video Background set an item is from?

A: In Slide Magician the information about each itemis provided for you.
In the multi-item view page just hover your mouse over an image to see identifying information (see panel in upper right corner of the multi-view area).

Q: Can I make a NOTE of which Slide Pack or Video set the item is from?

A: When hovering over an image in the multi-item view just click on it.
A sticky note with all the item details will appear.
You can copy and paste the text from the note.
You can also drag the notes to the side as a convenient way to "remember" which items were interesting for your purpose.
Notes can also be resized as required and stacked over each other to minimize screen space utilization.
The sticky notes remain as you page through the search results.
The title of a note will tell you which multi-view page that note refers to.

Q: Can I search for more than one "tag" at a time?

A: You can select as many tags as you wish and Slide Magician will find the combined result.
You may also search using one or more tags and a theme/set keyword/phrase.
In that case only those items matching theme keyword/phrase AND having the specified tag(s) would be found.

Q: Can I search for the name of a Set, Pack or Theme?

A: If you type a word or a phrase into the set/theme keyword search box Slide Magician will find items with the same word or phrase in their Set or Theme name.
You could put "prothemes january" in the search box to find all slides with that phrase in their theme name.
You could further refine the above search by using "prothemes january - business" for example.
However, note that if you put multiple words in the search box (not a matching phrase) and that phrase does not exist in the slide database, then nothing will be found.
For example you cannot put "December January" in the theme search box to return slides with the word December OR January in their theme name.

You may optionally select tag(s) to further narrow the result when using theme keyword/phrase searching.

Q: Can I search for a slide or video set from a particular Month in the Memberships?

A: Just enter the month name into the set/theme keyword search box and search with that.
Slides with that month in their "Theme" name will be found.
If a theme does not have a month name simply use an alternative keyword or phrase that is in the theme name to find that theme set.

Q: Do you provide training on how to use Slide Magician?

Training is provided by a tutorial video which is available at the search page of Slide Magician (after login).
There is also a Slide Magician tour video available here

Q: What's a "tag"?

A: A tag is a word that is used to identify the content or other characteristic of a slide or video.
For instance the "social" tag is assigned to slides where social media services (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) are presented by the slide.

Q: What's a "slide pack"?

A: A Slide Pack is simply a set of slides.
Vendors (e.g. VideoMakerFX, Explandio or Eyeland) deliver their content in sets or packs and generally these slides have some common theme or topic that they cover.

Q: What's a "video set"?

A: A Video Set is simply a set of video backgrounds that have been packaged together.
Vendors (e.g. Explandio) deliver their content on a monthly basis or as a special set sold interdependently.

Q: What's a "theme"?

A: A theme is simply the topic or area that a set of slides (a slide pack) is aimed at covering.
Generally speaking a theme is delivered as a slide pack and so theme and slide pack can be taken to mean the same thing.

Q: What's an "outline"?

A: An outline is a graphics area within a slide.
For instance a box behind text is an outline.
A slide may contain many outlines which are generally animated as part of the picture that a slide produces when played.

Q: What's a slide "feature"?

A: Slide Magician knows about various "features" of a slide.
When hovering your mouse over a slide in the slide view, the features are displayed in the slide information panel.
Features include the number of Text, Image, Outline and Video areas in the slide and the minimum slide Duration (seconds).
Additionally the number/position of the slide in the theme/set may be displayed.
The number is given for reference since some slides do not have their number within the theme/set indicated in their name.
The features are displayed in the following format... T:x I:x O:x V:x D:x.xx and N:x
By viewing the features you can quickly determine if a slide is suitable for your purpose.
Note that feature counts may also include background features (such as a background Image).
When a background is included in the count there will be an asterisk (*) displayed next to the count number.