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Slide Magician helps you put your animation assets to work

Slide Magician is unique!

  1. Browse  7650  active animated slides. Fast find via  1670  content tags

  2. Browse  3721  active video backgrounds. Fast find via  1033  content tags

  3. Browse  25971  active add-in elements. Fast find via  1139  content tags

You will find what you need fast using content tags, release dates, set name keywords and more

See properties for each item at a glance

  • Animated Slides: Number of Text, Outline, Image & Video areas plus minimum slide Duration
  • Video Backgrounds: Height, Width and Duration
  • Add-in Elements: File type

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A sample of search tags (a random subset displays in the mini-demo)...

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Try these features...

  1. Mouse over an animation
  2. View feature information panels
  3. Mouse over other animations
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